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On 19 December, 2017, I woke up feeling like my life was about to come to an end. Something kept telling me that my business trip to North Carolina that day was going to be my last. So, I started rebuking the voice each time it came. Prior to that, my pastor, as a result of a revelation he had, had been praying a specific prayer point that “there will be no sudden death or graveyard service in our church in the remaining part of the year 2017 ”. I tapped into the same prayer, and the more I prayed the heavier/thicker the cloud became.

When it came to the time I was to leave for the airport, my youngest son, in a very unusual way, ran to me and as I carried him, he started crying. He was crying so much that, at a point he wrapped his legs around me as if he was saying “don’t go dad”. Then, I started praying again.

The dark cloud of death/disaster persisted all through my taxi ride from my house to the airport. I was doing only one thing all through it– PRAYING IN TONGUES! I continued doing this until I got to the boarding gate. My plane had just arrived, and passengers on the inbound flight were deplaning. Then I looked at the crowd waiting to catch the same flight and said “On account of me being on this flight today, everyone is safe”.

We boarded, and the dark cloud persisted. Then the plane backed out of the gate on to the track, and I started feeling something was not right. As the thought was going on the captain just came on the P.A system and said the plane had to go back to the boarding gate because a fault had just been detected in one of the engines. This was a plane that landed not quite 60 minutes prior, and was already cleared to leave the gate. Who caused the fault to be detected? Certainly not man. Immediately after that announcement, the dark cloud lifted. I ended up making it to my destination safely, and returned home safely.

I just give God the glory for the spirit of revelation in the house. This is a testament to the fact that God is in this place, and that God answers prayers. All glory and adoration to the King of Kings for saving me. Praise the Lord!

Jide Akinbami.

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