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On the early hours of the 3rd of January 2018, I got the news of the passing away of my dear Uncle. The news was devastating and I was still trying to accept the reality of the situation.
As if that was not enough, one of his children (daughter) went for a simple procedure in one of the good hospitals in Nigeria late last year (October 2017). During the procedure, her intestine was perforated and there was a leakage from the intestine into the uterus. She was experiencing excruciating abdominal pain. She got treated with various antibiotics with no positive effects and unknowing to the doctors that an error had been made. She got transferred from one hospital to another and it was during all her traumatizing period that her father passed. The grief was burdensome on her but because she knew the God she serves and had faith that whatever her situation her God can do all things, she continued to hold on to God, the “Great healer.” The doctors decided to reassess what they had done before and discovered the havoc that had been done. Their diagnostic impression was that the leakage had affected her uterus and caused part of the uterus to rot causing complications. They sought consent to repair the problem. They went in again and all they did was to remove part of the uterus they claimed was rotten and closed her back. This gave no relief. Technically, they were already a failure. But then, there is one who never fails and He alone will always be God. At this point, the pain did not subside and the abdominal surgical wound was not healing, it was draining and oozing out pus. After several months in various hospitals spending and footing outrageous bills, the doctors now decided to finalize their mishap, they requested for another consent to totally remove her uterus. My cousin Mo had lost so much weight, was very weak and all she had was the strength of God. Her father’s burial had to be postponed till March as her father’s will had indicated that all the children must be present for his burial.
Mo had a valid US visa so I told them to send her down to the US, during the course of her hospitalization, I had intimated my pastors, Pastors John and Liz Odukoya and requested them to raise an altar of prayer for her. They did and were constantly in touch with me on her situation. Pastor John made several attempts to pray with her directly but Mo would not even pick my calls as she was so sick and didn’t want to talk to anyone. Prayers still continued. I asked her to fly down as soon as possible and she immediately bought a ticket. I also set up a mission I had no idea of how to go about but each step along the way, the Lord showed up.
I contacted a known gynecologist and set up an appointment for her. Within one week she arrived the US (January 31st). When I set my eyes on her, I burst into tears and I made a pronouncement to God that “This is not unto death, by His stripes Mo is healed” She had no strength to even carry her luggage in. That day was a Wednesday and she insisted to go to evening service and I made arrangements for her to be picked up. During that particular service, Pastor John prayed with her and there was a message delivered to her by one of the ministers who had no knowledge of what was happening with her. When she told me about the message the following day, I told her to just hold on to it.
We went for her appointment on the 1st of February. The gynecologist examined her and with the reports and documentations, she stated that only God could have kept her alive based on the reports in her hands. She said it was unbelievable that she was still alive. My thing is the Bible itself says in Romans 9:15 I will have mercy on whom I will show mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.” In all these things, what can we say, it is just God’s mercy and compassion that has kept her alive so she can have a testimony. The gynecologist gave us referrals to a specialist in DC and also to the University of Maryland Gynec/oncology department in Baltimore.
It is needless talking about what we went through with the referrals. The specialist (name withheld) could not set up an appointment earlier than the 16th of February and Mo is scheduled to return to Nigeria on the 24th of February for her father’s burial. I decided we should go down to UMHC in Baltimore. We met with a God sent help who went to talk to one of their specialists and because it is a teaching hospital she said the specialist was particularly interested in her case after going through the reports. We were told to expect a call. When the call finally came things took a different turn as this new caller said she could not see the specialist as we would not be able to afford the costs. I pleaded, cried myself out, she would not change her mind, rather to send us to one of these total care facilities where they do sliding scale billing (reduced costs). She saw the Doctor who did some lab work on her but we never got the result. As we were going through this dilemma, heading back home from Baltimore late in the night I received a call from my pastor, Pastor John and he asked where I was, to which I responded, “I am in the car with Mo heading back from Baltimore”. He told me that he believed that the Lord already healed her and that she may no longer need surgery.
We then decided to contact the DC doctor to set up and appointment as the total care doctor in Odenton gave us a referral back to UMHC and there we met the same resistance. I would cry myself out requesting for help so that Mo would not die. We were sent from one hospital to another and from one health center to another and we found no help. I cried and cried to no avail. I was no longer regular at work and had no time to study for my exam but God the silent deliverer was up there watching closely. ‘Time’ they say waits for no one, the date of Mo’s return ticket was drawing near and we had not even seen a specialist to look into her case. Mo never stopped clinging to God, she never missed church despite her pain and each time Pastor John would call her out to pray with her. At this point in time we no longer cared about the cost of treatment as the gynecologist contacted us and asked us to go back to the DC doctor. I did set up the appointment and it was for February 19th 2018. This was 6 days to her return to Nigeria. The burial had been fixed for the 2nd week in March. Family members had been worrisome and were fond of calling her asking “how far?” Mo was always upset as she had made up her mind she was not going back to Nigeria until she received her healing and so she stopped picking their calls. They would rather call me but I had no answer for them as I am not God and Mo would not even listen to me. One thing I know, is, the will of God will perfect all that concerns her. As a nurse, immediately Mo arrived, I had charged myself with the responsibility of dressing her surgical wound day and night aggressively and also got her a supplement for wound healing. After about 2 weeks of aggressive wound dressing, the supplement, the antibiotics which she completed after her arrival in the US and the fervent prayers sot God, we both noticed that the wound which was draining and which showed signs of infection were closing up and the drainage had drastically reduced. This is the same wound that had been a concern in Nigeria for months, we were left with 2 pin holes to seal up and totally healed.
On the 18th of February, the day before Mo’s appointment in DC, it was a normal Sunday service but as the service went on, after Pastor Jide’s ministration, he had led the church in a particular Yoruba song, the Holy spirit filled the air, the environment was charged and set for the God of miracle to be at work. I felt him personally, I reached out for Mo’s hands, she was seated right behind me, I shook her rigorously and cried to God. I told God He must intervene in her situation, she must not die, I must not be given a bad name or put to shame, she must receive her healing that week and return back to our people healed. It was an experience. At the end of the divine touch, I had peace within my heart. As we were leaving the church after the service, the same Pastor who knew nothing about her situation but received a message for her from God, handed Mo a piece of paper with a message of assurance which he received during the service concerning her healing. Mo did not make me aware until after her appointment in DC.
On the 19th of February 2018, we had gone to the George Washington Hospital in DC where the appointment with the doctor was. We were told the building was closed to patients as it was a public holiday. Tears one more time rolled down my cheek for the disappointment and the shattering of my hope to finally see a specialist so she could go back to Nigeria and possibly return after the burial. The security asked us to use their phone to call the doctor’s office, no one picked up and I refused to leave. Suddenly another voice came on the phone and said “hold on.” We were connected to the Doctor’s office in another location, they were opened at that location (Sibley Hospital) in DC. However, the receptionist said the Doctor could no longer see Mo we have to reschedule. Another set of tears rolled down before I could wipe the tears the line cut off. My eyes became wide opened. I decided to call their office on my cell phone and they picked up. I was told to reschedule, I said “No, I am almost at Sibley Hospital”, she said how far am I. I said 10 minutes. She said okay come over quick. I had no idea where Sibley Hospital is. I quickly googled it and within 20 minutes we were there. The Doctor who had been in surgery all day took us in. That was God at work. They set out with all protocols and got her ready to be seen by the Doctor. She was the only patient left. The doctor took his time to go through the reports and the gynecologist’s medical note on her assessment and referral. The doctor’s first utterance after going through the documents and treatments, labs and diagnosis from Nigeria was “Only God could have kept you alive.” The doctor did an Ultrasound to examine her internally and also examined her clinically. He pressed on her abdomen that used to be tender and she felt no pain. The abdominal wound had totally closed up with no drainage. He took lab specimens. He said he could not see any area that had been perforated, he told us that the other discharge was slough coming from inside but he would not lose his sleep over it, it would eventually stop. He said his plan of care would not involve a total hysterectomy as they had planned in Nigeria. No medication was prescribed. He said she should not use any more antibiotics and sent her for more blood work. He also gave her a 4-month follow up appointment and requested for a more diagnostic- radiologic study to be done after 4 months. The doctor told her she was okay. She could go back home and that she needed no prescriptions. Before I knew It Mo was on the floor rolling and thanking God the great healer who did it all. Isaiah 53:5 sums it all, ‘but he was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed. She is doing fine in Nigeria now, she went back on the 24th of February, 2018 as planned, no more pain, no more wound, to God be the glory.
Yetunde Igun
Testifying to the goodness of God in “MO”s Life.

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